1984 moment sheet

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1984 moment sheet

It is a book that was put out by Thames and Hudson in the last year or so, and contains over contact sheets from 69 Magnum Photographers.

For those of you who are not familiar with contact sheets, they are a direct print made from a roll or sequence of images of film.

Before the days of digital, they were an invaluable tool to photographers to quickly look through and edit their work choosing their best images.

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The book is a hefty behemoth full of knowledge, insights, and philosophies of the Magnum photographers within. I know that not everyone has the ability to access the book as it is sold-out almost everywhere across the world and it is quite expensive so I wanted to make this post to share some of the insights I learned from the book.

I hope this post will help you 1984 moment sheet your personal journey in photography! What is a contact sheet? It records each step along the route to arriving at an image— providing a behind-the-scenes sense of walking alongside the photographer and seeing through their eyes.

The equivalent to digital nowadays is Lightroom, which allows photographers to see the contents of their SD card of what they shot during a certain period of time.

Why are Contact Sheets Important? The archive at the Magnum office in New York, If you look at the contact sheets of different photographers, you will see how differently photographers shoot. For example, some photographers like Philip Jones Griffiths are famous for being very conservative and economical with their film — only taking about a shot per scene.

Another example is Chien-Chi Chang, who is working on an ongoing project in which he takes single, isolated shots of a particular scene.

You shoot a strip of film and pick the best. However they provide a different experience to photography, that leaves a trace of a certain scene or memory — something that can be revisited over and over again.

1984 moment sheet

Of course you can still do the same with digital by going back to your archives, but generally a contact sheet on a piece of paper is easier to re-visit. Lubben describes why they decided to work on the book: I have taken photographs for around 6 years, and although I love the convenience and accessibility of digital photography — I wonder how scholars studying photography will have access to digital archives.

Is Lightroom still going to be used in the future? How are we going to deal with issues of compatibility with RAW files in the future?

There is no removing or erasing the unsuccessful steps on the way to the final product— each twist and turn, each decision, is recorded, allowing viewers to see along with or perhaps second-guess the photographer.

An interesting anecdote is how Henri Cartier-Bresson himself inarguably the most famous photographer in history even destroyed his early work.

Even HCB had to start somewhere.

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