A report on the life and career of steve wozniak a co founder of apple computer company

The name on Wozniak's birth certificate is "Stephan Gary Wozniak", but Steve's mother said that she intended it to be spelled "Stephen", which is what he uses. Before focusing his attention on Apple, he was employed at Hewlett-Packard HP where he designed calculators. Jobs and Wozniak became friends when Jobs worked for the summer at HP, where Wozniak too was employed, working on a mainframe computer. A friend said, 'you should meet Steve Jobs because he likes electronics, and he also plays pranks.

A report on the life and career of steve wozniak a co founder of apple computer company

He and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs are widely recognized as pioneers of the personal computer revolution of the s and s. He primarily designed the Apple II inknown as one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputerswhile Jobs oversaw the development of its foam-molded plastic case and early Apple employee Rod Holt developed the switching power supply.

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He also had major influence untilalong with computer scientist Jef Raskinover the initial development of the original Apple Macintoshwhich Jobs then took over following Wozniak's brief departure from the company due to a traumatic airplane accident.

After stepping away from Apple in for good, Wozniak founded CL 9 and created the first universal remotereleased in He then pursued several other business and philanthropic ventures throughout his career, focusing largely on tech in K—12 schools.

A report on the life and career of steve wozniak a co founder of apple computer company

Refresh with new selections below purge Selected general articles Steve Jobs is a biographical drama film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin. Adapted from the book of the same name by Walter Isaacson as well as interviews conducted by Sorkin, the film is structured into three acts which cover 14 years — in the life of personal computing innovator and Apple Inc.

Development on the project began in after the rights to Isaacson's book were acquired.

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Sorkin wrote the screenplay and filming began in January A variety of actors were considered and cast before Fassbender eventually took the role. Editing was extensive on the project, with editor Elliot Graham noting that he was working on existing footage while the film was still shooting.

Daniel Pemberton served as the film's composer, with a focus dedicated to dividing the score into three distinguishable sections. From Computer Geek to Cult Icon: It was co-authored by writer Gina Smith and published by W.

In iWoz, Wozniak gives a short history of his life, the founding of Apple Computer and some of his other ventures. Near the end of the book, Wozniak explains that he wrote the book in order to dispel some misconceptions that have been spread about him, his relationship with Steve Jobs and his relationship with and feelings towards Apple.

Wozniak presents his story in short vignettes, never longer than a few pages, and most no longer than just a few paragraphs.

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The Apple II stylized as Apple ][ is an 8-bit home computerone of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer products, designed primarily by Steve Wozniak Steve Jobs oversaw the development of the Apple II's foam-molded plastic case and Rod Holt developed the switching power supply.

It is the first model in a series of computers which were produced until Apple IIe production ceased in November The Apple II marks Apple's first launch of a personal computer aimed at a consumer market — branded towards American households rather than businessmen or computer hobbyists.

The Apple II had the defining feature of being able to display color graphics, and this capability was the reason why the Apple logo was redesigned to have a spectrum of colors. The Making of the Personal Computer, it explores the impact of the rivalry between Jobs Apple Computer and Gates Microsoft on the development of the personal computer.

Gordon French, co-founder of the Homebrew Computer Club, hosted the first meeting of the club in his garage in March Several very high-profile hackers and computer entrepreneurs emerged from its ranks, including the founders of Apple Inc.Watch video · Back when Jobs was enrolled at Homestead High School, he was introduced to his future partner and co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak, who was attending the University of California, Berkeley.

He co-founded Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, providing administrative oversight for the new venture.

However, he soon sold his share of the new company back to Jobs and Wozniak for $ US dollars, and later accepted $1, to forfeit any claims against Apple (in total, equivalent to $9, in ).

Steve Wozniak is most commonly known as one of the co-founders of Apple computers Steve designed apple's first computers- Apple I and II In , Steve Wozniak .

Sep 10,  · Tech entrepreneur Steve Wozniak says he's quitting Facebook.

A report on the life and career of steve wozniak a co founder of apple computer company

Wozniak, who co-founded Apple with Steve Jobs, told USA Today that he is abandoning the social media giant, joining the #DeleteFacebook movement in which Facebook users are shutting down their accounts over concerns about the use of their personal information. Watch video · In partnership with his friend Steve Jobs, Wozniak invented the Apple I computer.

The pair founded Apple Computers in with Ronald Wayne, releasing some of . Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs has died at age 56 after a long illness. Tributes have been pouring in from around the world. Jobs was an entrepreneur and innovator who changed several.

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