Benihana restaurant and food cost

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Benihana restaurant and food cost

Creating Great Guest Memories! A large part of the success of the Benihana concept can be attributed to the performance that awaits the millions of guests each year. Served in a hibachi-style Japanese experience, our guests enjoy the company of friends and family who are celebrating special occasions or just enjoying a fun dining experience.

As a result, the Benihana brand name and its trademark hold one of the strongest awareness levels in the restaurant industry, making ownership of a Benihana restaurant a very rewarding investment. The Benihana name is well known throughout the food industry as an established, quality-conscious company.

Benihana has grown from a single teppanyaki restaurant in New York City into 77 restaurants in the United States, Central and South America excluding Mexico and the Caribbean, with more company owned and franchise restaurants in the planning or development stages.

Benihana's solid management team is committed to keeping Benihana one of the world's finest and most thriving restaurant organizations. Our proven method of operation has tremendous appeal and represents a value to all future licensees.

Together, we will ensure a consistent but controlled expansion. Benihana's corporate staff will provide expert guidance for maximizing sales, profit and operational efficiency in a number of areas. During the start-up phase you will receive assistance in site selection, construction, recruitment and training, implementation of standard operating procedures, sources for supplies and equipment and on-site opening assistance.

Although Benihana assumes no direct financial responsibility for real estate, we will provide guidelines and counseling on site selection. Prior to the opening of the restaurant, Benihana will also make available to you its construction staff to assist in the design, planning and installation of your licensed restaurant.

However, the construction department will function in a consulting or supervisory capacity only. As a Benihana licensee, you will receive training in every facet of operations — from product preparation to equipment handling and maintenance, guest service, employee relations and business record keeping.

Our training program for chefs consists of a twelve- to sixteen-week program, a portion of which is spent working as a chef in a Benihana restaurant. The chefs are trained in both kitchen and tableside food preparation as applied at Benihana restaurants.

Additionally, lectures on general restaurant management and Benihana's specific adaptation are offered. The manager training program is similar, except that the manager is given in-depth exposure to each position in the restaurant from busboy through manager.

Benihana's Management Team will provide pre- and post-opening assistance and make periodic inspection tours of your restaurant to ensure that established standards and procedures are being utilized to your maximum benefit. Benihana provides assistance to you or your accountant in setting up your accounting system.

The system established will accommodate the day-to-day procedures covering sales, payroll, guests served, production, cash and petty cash reports as provided in Benihana's operating manual.

An operations manual is furnished to each new licensee, which outlines day-to-day procedures, along with specifics of a typical restaurant layout, equipment, construction cost and opening budget. Liquid assets are one of the key indicators of whether or not a prospective licensee is capable of financing a full-size Benihana restaurant.

A substantial portion of this cost can normally be financed through traditional sources, depending on the licensee's financial soundness.

However, Benihana does not provide any financing to its licensees, nor will it guarantee any note, lease or other documents executed by licensee. The total required investment in a Benihana restaurant also varies, depending on the licensee's real estate arrangement lease or purchase.

The actual selection, purchase or leasing of the site is the licensee's responsibility.

Terms & Conditions

The initial fee covers the issuance of the license, as well as helping to defray the costs and expenses of Benihana in connection with our assistance and supervision in site selection, construction and improvements, opening of the restaurant, training, enforcement and protection of trademarks and costs incidental to locating sources of supply.

The building size would be approximately 7, square feet. A restaurant this size is a self-contained unit and will provide the following facilities: A portion of the equipment and fixtures is to be purchased from designated suppliers and the balance must conform to our specifications.

A complete list of necessary equipment and fixtures will be provided. Inventory Initial inventory includes all items needed to open a restaurant such as food, beverages alcoholic and otherwisechina, glassware, paper supplies, uniforms etc.

Benihana will furnish an analysis of types of insurance required, together with the customary deductions and estimated annual premiums.

Benihana restaurant and food cost

Please note payment terms are sometimes available from the insurance carrier for the payment of premiums. Liquor license It is not possible for Benihana to give accurate figures on what a liquor license would cost in your city or country.Benihana: Restaurant and Food Cost.


Benihana restaurant and food cost

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The Benihana menu prices also include items made outside of your table, like fresh sashimi and specialty sushi rolls. Besides sushi, there are plenty of other appetizers, side dishes, noodle dishes and even tofu from which to choose to complete your meal.

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