Calibration of a pipette

Pipettes are a ubiquitous tool in laboratories and come in many shape and sizes, from many different manufacturers, but all perform the same function. This function is the transfer, through aspirate and dispense actions of precise amounts of fluid.

Calibration of a pipette

Choose PCS and you will be confident that your team has the precision calibrated instruments necessary to accurately collect samples.

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Our internal processes, as well as all equipment and certificates used in pipette calibration, are fully ISO accredited. Our services are also NIST traceable and come with complete long-form certification. As a result, you not only cover your bases from a regulatory standpoint, but you also gain a precise record of each pipette calibration that has been performed.

The fastest turnaround time in the business. PCS average turnaround time for pipette calibration is 48 hours or less. As the fastest, most customer responsive calibration company in America we are confident that we can meet your pipette calibration needs.

Calibration of a pipette

Learn more by visiting our calibration turnaround time webpage. We maintain an online, e-certificate database containing a record of every pipette calibration we perform.

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Have confidence knowing your calibration records are safe, secure, and accessible. No longer worry about misplacing or misfiling calibration records. With online access to convenient e-certificates, your files are easily located whenever you need them, especially during an audit!

However, if you have a large number of pipettes or do not have spares, then our on-site pipette calibration services may be your best option. No matter which calibration service you select, our team performs quality work with a turnaround time that cannot be matched by our competition.

If your establishment is near one of the following locations, we can perform your required pipette calibration services on-site:How to Properly Calibrate a Pipette.

If you work in any kind of lab, from a science lab at a University to a crime lab in a forensics unit, you will need to know how to calibrate a pipette is one of the basic pieces of equipment in any lab, and pipettes are used for everything from testing samples to combining chemicals in precise amounts.

The Pipette Checkit® is a tool to identify potential volume delivery errors for pipettes. It is not a calibration tool.

Calibration of a pipette

If your institution requires pipette calibration on a specific schedule, you should adhere to this schedule and use the Checkit as an extra verification step between scheduled calibrations.

A pipette (sometimes spelled pipet) is a laboratory tool commonly used in chemistry, biology and medicine to transport a measured volume of liquid, often as a media timberdesignmag.comes come in several designs for various purposes with differing levels of accuracy and precision, from single piece glass pipettes to more complex adjustable or .

Preventive Maintenance, Calibration & Adjustment Services. Precision and accuracy of the pipettes are important for the quality of all your work results. Regular maintenance and calibration by Eppendorf assures a consistent result quality.

Contact your Eppendorf service team. HTL - distributor of precision pipettes, pipette controllers, centrifuges, dispensers, pipette tips and accessories. Service, calibration. Check! The pipette should be clean before testing and fitted with a new tip that is designed fro the pipette being tested.

An ill fitting tip will cause erroneous results and possibly leakage. Test Equipment Required: Balance – Balances should be serviced, calibrated and certified for pipette calibration.

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