Catfish in the bathtub essay

Wednesday, July 28, Catfish in the bathtub essay The culinary likes in my family go way back further than I can remember.

Catfish in the bathtub essay

Catfish in the Bathtub response and essay may 18 response 1. She deffinately used the visual part the most.

Catfish in the bathtub essay

She was very good at using imagery. She explained what everything looked like to where you could picture it in your head very clearly without have to guess or wonder what she was talking about.

She described the bear claw in the alcohol jar, and the pitcure of her hidingunder the bed with candy under her nose to keep out the sounds and smells. She uses dialog mainly to help us understand her mother. The part of the story where she was recalling the monkey story was a bit disturbing for me.

I would assume the dialog is to show how her mother feels about the food she cooks and how good tasting food is bad for you.

I think it is to show just how different her mothers time and culture was compared to her own. Like i said before, that story was disturbing to me and i would think other people, but that was part of her mothers time and culter back in china and was accepted.

The cutian and the black book openingand closing when she told the mokey story what the figure of speech that stood out the most to me. She makes the reader understand all of the different, repulsive things her mother cooked in the begining to prive her point so that at the end there is no doubt that the reader wont blame her for being able to live on plastic.

I think it was a good way to end this essay. Yes it was a bad meal, but it was funny at the same time, and we all got a good laugh at the end. Since me and my boyfriend are staying at his parents house until we get up and going, we came to the agreement that two or three times a week I would make supper.

I was running low on ideas, so I went to my grandmas to find a recipe my mom used to use for a beef and noodle dinner. It was fairly simple. All you needed was noodles, beef, sour cream, four, beef broth, and some onions.

I was getting ready to brown the meat and asked Bill, my boyfriends dad, if he could bring me the flour from the cabinet since my hands were covered in raw meat and blood.

He brought me the flour, so I covered the meat chunks in it and started to brown them. I noticed that the flower was clumping instead of sticking to the meat, but didn't think anything of it.

I added everything else in and hoped it would settle out. After I let everything simmer for a while, I also noticed that the meat balls were turning a deep dark brown almost like they were burning.

I took one out and cut it open and it was still slightly pink on the inside so I couldn't understand why they looked so over done. I couldn't figure it out so we dismissed the thought.Jul 28,  · 2. The use of dialogue in this essay expresses how strong of a presence her mother has in the family.

The dialogue is usually coming from her mother and it shows that her mother was definitely in charge of the family. 3.


She does this to show how cruel and inhumane they were to animals back then and how completely different they .

May 22,  · The introduction accurately introduces the essay, and “warms the reader up” to the upcoming discussion of her family’s cuisine. The conclusion effectively ends everything, and quite humorously as well.

Jul 28,  · The culinary likes in my family go way back further than I can remember.

Catfish in the bathtub essay

In our family we are lovers of soulfood. We grew up on fried chicken, candied yams, turnip greans, great northern beans and ham, cornbread, dressing and so forth. Jul 27,  · Throughout the essay, Kingston combines very realistic description (the bear’s claw, the turtles thudding against the pot, the monkey feast) with various similes and metaphors what figures of speech (see description notes) does Kingston use in the essay?

Catfish in the Bathtub Around dinner time, the meter long table would be filled with food—some looking edible while some makes you want to feed it to the dogs. Sometimes the food would be pig blood and liver made into a soup or chicken feet.

May 21,  · "Catfish in the Bathtub" Response Questions 1. How does Kingston use the five senses to create descriptive imagery?

Evaluate the use of dialogue (records of spoken words or conversation) in this essay? What effect does it have on your understanding of Kingston’s main point?

“Catfish in the Bathtub” opens with a .

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