Dekada 70 chp 10

But because, I started this post in English, I guess I have to be responsible in finishing this in English.

Dekada 70 chp 10

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Linggo, Oktubre 7, Dekada 70 1. Identify the main characters on the story and describe each of the characters. She has no choice but to follow the decisions of her husband. She cannot do what she want and she also want to know the real meaning of being a woman.

She is struggling so hard in her own family circle while everyone's concern in the country is the state of Martial Law. Julian, the husband of Vilma Santos in person of Christopher de Leon. He makes decisions that can't be contradicted by anyone even is wife.

Jules Piolo Pascual is the first son of Amanda and Julian. He is considered the cream of the crop in their family.

Jason Danilo Barrios is just a typical teenager but was tortured and killed by the police during the Marcos Regime. He is in his teen-age-years during the Marcos regime.

Mara- she was inpregnated by Jules before he was caught by the Marcos government. Jules married her inside the jail. Identify the different conflicts in the story and tell what kind.

Amanda can't do what she wants like working to experience the real essence of being a woman. They have different belief with Julian when it comes to this matter.

Jules wants to fight for the freedom of their country, but Isagani pursued to become a soldier, who will fight for the government.

Dekada 70 chp 10

They don't really love each other, that's why they keep on fighting. The people of the Philippines.

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Among the characters, who can you relate to most and why? I can relate most to Jules.

Dekada 70 chp 10

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While I’m on a classic reading binge, I thought it only fair to include a Filipino classic novel (written in Filipino). [Book:Dekada ‘70] translated in English as “Decade ‘70” is an account of a woman living in a “man’s world” during those difficult years when Martial Law was declared in the Philippines/5.

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DEKADA 70 Summary. Dekada '70 is the story of a family caught in the middle of the tumultuous decade of the 's. It details how a middle class family struggled with and faced the new changes that empowered Filipinos to rise against the Marcos government.

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