Essay trip to pulau redang

Pulau Redang at 7 km long and 6 km wide is the largest island. The highest peak is Bukit Besar at metres above sea-level. Only the bigger islands like Redang, Lang Tengah, Perhentian and Kapas have resort facilities for visitors. Hide Map Show Map Jungle-Trekking There are several trails to explore the rainforest on the island, conveniently located behind some of the premier resorts.

Essay trip to pulau redang

Can we go Island Hopping around Redang? When is the best time to visit Redang? From our 20 over years of operating as Resort Operator, our busiest months are from April till July, as there are many public holidays and school holidays for both Malaysia and Singapore.

If you like the crowd then visit during these period. However from our experience, the sea is most calm in the months of September and October and Redang is generally quiet, making it the perfect time for couples or family who prefer the peace and quite. Isn't that the Monsoon season?

Here at Pulau Redang we are only affected by the Northeast Monsoon. Generally the weather is beautiful from April till October.

Essay trip to pulau redang

Normally the monsoon only hits Redang from Dec till February with heavy rain and waves. Sometimes the tail of the Monsoon affects our season in March. How is the weather in Redang?

In March, the weather is a little mixed, sometimes affected by the tail of the Monsoon, sometimes not. Please note that, in general there would be a few days in each month where there will be rain, or big waves.

We are not able to predict the weather in Redang, let alone days, weeks or months ahead. What is the prerequisite to learning Diving?

You should be able to Swim, be comfortable in water, with no fear of putting your head down in the water. Click here for full explaination. The marine waters surrounding these islands up to two nautical miles from its shores have been designated as the Pulau Redang Marine Parks Malaysia.

So, when you visit Pulau Redang, you are actually visiting a Marine Park. Don't be confused with the Marine Park Centre where all guests would normally visit for a snorkelling trip. Also please note that this is collected by the Marine Park officials for the Conservation of the Marine Park.

We would like to cancel our booking. Can we obtain a refund?

Drop files anywhere to upload

We are not going on the Snorkelling Trips, can we get a refund? The snorkelling trips are complimentary activities organised by Redang Pelangi Resort.

Do we need to print out any Voucher and provide to the people at the Jetty? No you wont need to print any voucher to board our boats at the Jetty.

Our staff at the Jetty would have a list of all the groups. Just notify our staff of your arrival and number of people you have.

He will confirm the group as well as number of people in your group. If you have a change in the number guests, please notify our staff. Who will pick us up from the Bus Station or Airport, and can we get have the Person's contact number?

We would SMS to person's contact details to you one day before your travel. This is because we have a few drivers and won't know who will be allocated to pick you up till a day before travel.

Can we go on a Fishing trip around Redang? However you may fish if you are outside the designated Marine Park zone. In Redang there are only 4 stretch of beaches.

The Long Beach is where almost all the resorts are situated with all the beach activity found here. You are able to access Kalong Beach via a quick walk 10 mins from Redang Laguna. Berjaya Beach Resort's beach hosts only Berjaya Resort.

And the last beach is the Chagar Hutan Turtle Bay which is off limits to guests. Thus since most of the activity is on the Long Beach, there is NO such service on Redang Island, unlike Pulau Perhentian where all the resorts are spread out across the island.For your information, Redang Island have been 2 location,either at Long beach or Teluk Kalong Besar for Taaras Resort and Spa.

The Taaras Resort and Redang Island Resort are located nearby local villager,you need to take shuttle transfer provide by resort from Village Jetty,walking distance around 4Km from Village jetty to center of village. There no public transport but you may ask local.

I had never heard of Redang Island before moving to Malaysia, which was a good thing in my mind! Many of my new friends here who have already visited the island speak highly of it and so I booked a week here as soon as I could.

ADD TO TRIP PLANNER Pulau Redang, located 45km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, is the largest of a group of nine protected islands dotting the South China Sea off the Terengganu coast. The island offers crystal clear waters and numerous dive sites for enthusiasts. Sheltered within the Pulau Redang Marine Park, the waters here .

In , the Redang archipelago was gazetted as the Pulau Redang Marine Park, becoming a protected site under the Government. The Redang archipelago constitutes the islands of Pulau Redang, Pulau Lima, Pulau Paku Besar, Pulau Paku Kecil, Pulau Kerengga Kecil, Pulau Kerengga Besar, Pulau Ekor Tebu, Pulau Ling and Pulau Pinang.

Pulau Redang is an island off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, in the state of Terengganu. So, this is my 4th time here. I still remember the first time I fell in love with this place 13 years ago!

Pulau Redang overview Pulau Redang is a friendly locale known for its beaches, and surrounded by picturesque views of islands and the sea. While you're here, enjoy activities like snorkeling.

Essay trip to pulau redang
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