Importance of holidays

Celebrations We all love holidays. It will give more fun and enjoyment to us. Starting from school going kids to working employees all are liking holidays and awaiting for it.

Importance of holidays

Christmas eve was by far my favorite, I have more memories of Christmas eve than of Christmas morning. I think that was because all my family came together on that day. We ate amazing food — nothing fancy, not even sit down dinner, but good food. Part of the holiday excitement is because of those holiday traditions we have created with our family.

Looking forward to doing those few things that make the day special brings excitement and joy for everyone. I have 3 brothers that are much older — I moved from Michigan over 20 years ago which kept me from celebrating holidays with my family for most of those years.

No presents were given, our gifts were having the opportunity to spend time together, eating amazing foods, telling stories and laughing a lot. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity for my children to experience different holiday traditions, which has given them a love for the holidays…not just the presents.

If you ask my oldest what he is most excited about he will say Christmas eve. That is our family tradition, just our little family of 4. When you come together and take part in a family tradition everyone has a sense of belonging.

This is so important for children because it helps them feel accepted and part of the family unit. This is major when they get older because they are then less likely to seek for outside acceptance because they feel so close with their own family. Foods have a funny way of bringing people back into the conversation by reminiscing of old memories which then creates new ones.

Our new family tradition is making sugar cookies on Christmas eve for Santa which the boys look forward to each year.

By embracing change I am opening myself up to new traditions that I can make with my own family. My Top 5 Holiday Traditions 1. Cutting down our Christmas tree every year 2.

Picking out ornaments with the kids each year. By the time they leave the nest they will have a great start for their own tree 3.

Holidays help us to give rest to our physical work and we reduce our body strain on holidays. Some of us will plan for a family outing or going outing with friends during the holiday time to have fun and pleasure and forget about our worries. Holidays. From religious observances to celebrations of ethnic pride to patriotic anniversaries, explore the history of some of our most popular holidays. The importance of vacations to our physical and mental health Why Presidents (and all of us) need vacations. Posted Jun 22,

Decorating the tree and taking out all my old ornaments from when I was a child. Baking Cookies with the kids 5. Quite evening with my husband on Christmas eve after the kids are in bed.

Importance of holidays

Sometimes we wrap gifts, other times we turn off all the lights except for the tree and listen to music and just reconnect. With the holiday craziness we barely spend time together the weeks leading up to Christmas so that evening is our time.

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?Holidays help us to give rest to our physical work and we reduce our body strain on holidays. Some of us will plan for a family outing or going outing with friends during the holiday time to have fun and pleasure and forget about our worries.

Holidays also enable time for all levels of ritual. Starting with persona rituals, which could be as simple as going for a stroll on the beach before brekkie or lying in bed reading. Then there’s couple or friendship rituals which will vary depending on your travel companions. The world is filled with many holidays.

In the U.S, there are 17 important holidays the people celebrate. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s are some of the holidays celebrated. Importance of holidays in our life cannot be denied by timberdesignmag.comne need Essay is being explored in this article today.

Holidays were originally holy days or days set apart for holy thoughts or higher contemplation, as opposed to working days when men were busy with worldly thoughts and cares. Whether formal or informal, recognized or not, each family has its own set of holiday traditions.

In addition to making the holiday memorable, these traditions serve a higher purpose. First, traditions build a . Holidays matter. They are our lifeline to sanity, a chance to step away from everyday life and reconnect with the people we love; a time to relax, to be the real us, or indeed to be whoever we want to be.

And once the sand has been washed from the toes, holidays .

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