Prostate cancer in african american men

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Prostate cancer in african american men

View large Download slide Dr. The difference may not seem large. In extending the follow-up to young men in Japan, Ross found to his surprise that their testosterone levels were similar to those of U. But the study also suggested that the Japanese had lower activity of 5-alpha reductase than did U.

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This enzyme metabolizes testosterone into dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which is at least eight to 10 times more potent than testosterone see sidebar.

He said they have found some forms of this gene that are unique to African-Americans and a few that are unique to Asian-Americans as well. Androgen Receptor Differences in prostate cancer incidence among blacks, whites, and Asian- Americans might also be influenced by variations in androgen receptor, the protein that moves androgens around in prostate cells.

Prostate cancer in african american men

The AR gene is polymorphic, having a particular sequence of bases that is repeated from eight to 30 times in different individuals. Evidence from several research groups suggests that longer repeat lengths are associated with lower AR activity, while shorter repeat lengths are related to greater AR activity.

A study found that the most common repeat length was 17 in African-Americans, 21 in whites, and 22 in Asian-Americans. In a study headed by Whittemore, researchers found a positive association between fat intake and prostate cancer risk in blacks, whites, and Asian- Americans see Journal, May 3, The data showed that African-Americans on average consumed morecalories than whites or Asian-Americans and that a higher percentage of those calories came from fat.

But dietary fat intakes by themselves are not enough to explain an appreciable fraction of the differences.Cancer Facts & Figures for African Americans About , new cancer cases were expected to be diagnosed among blacks in The most commonly diagnosed cancers among black men are prostate (31% of all cancers), lung (15%), and colon and rectum (9%).

For decades, African-American men have had the highest prostate cancer incidence rate of any raciallethnic group in the world.

Androgen Receptor

At new cases per , in , their rate is two-thirds higher than whites and more than twice as high as rates for Asian-Americans. Researchers have yet to find a. May 10,  · Results. In our literature review, we identified several aspects of prostate cancer that are different in Caucasian and African American men.

Prostate cancer in african american men

These included prostate cancer incidence and outcome, the clinical course of the disease, serum PSA levels, genetic differences, and social barriers. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates there will be , cases of prostate cancer in , and 27, deaths.

African-Americans have a 60 percent higher incidence of prostate cancer compared to other ethnic groups, and a percent higher risk of dying from it – in part because blacks tend to have a more aggressive form.

Oct 30,  · Prostate Cancer in African American men For this assignment you will review current research and provide a critical evaluation on that research through an annotated bibliography.

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An annotated bibliography is a brief summary and analysis of the journal article reviewed. Studying prostate cancer patients and control subjects, they found that metabolic syndrome was only marginally related to an increased risk of prostate cancer in African American men.

They then sorted the patients by disease stage and found, somewhat counterintuitively, that African American men with organ-confined disease were more likely to have a history of metabolic syndrome than men in the .

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