Shooting kubul timeline

It was after midnight on Aug. The group was one of three U.

Shooting kubul timeline

Dec 28, Mariam gets lost in Afganistan As Fadi and his family are trying to catch a truck Mariam gets lost in the dispersing when the Taliban came to attack them.

Shooting kubul timeline

Jan 2, Fadi and his family reach America When they first reach America them Habib accidentally gave the immigration officers Mariam's papers too. Jan 26, Fadi joined the photo shooting competition and met a girl named Anh Fadi found out that the grand prize for the competition was a trip to some places and one of them was to India and the Taj Mahal Feb 5, Fadi and his family get their own house and live in it May 9, The boys from Afghanistan in the school threw Ike and Felix into the lake to teach them a lesson Sep 9, Fadi found out that he didn't win the grand prize but a 11th grader did Sep 9, Fadi cried that he didn't get picked for the Grand Prize Sep 15, Fadi and the photo club went to the mueseum in the city to meet the judges that picked them Sep 15, Fadi found Mariam in one of the pictures one of the authers drew from Afganistan Nov 20, Epilogue All of Fadi's cousins and family came to meet Mariam when she bounced out the door of the airport to be safe with her family again.Start studying Shooting Kabul Chapters Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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A number of gunmen have attacked a private TV station in Kabul. Several casualties are feared after the attackers threw grenades and opened fire to forcibly enter the headquarters of Shamshad TV. Flying Down to Kabul.

Timeline: Female Fighter Pilots.

Shooting kubul timeline

credited with shooting down five or more enemy aircraft. Both Budanova and Litvyak were later shot down and killed in military. Shooting Kabul Chapters Epilogue study guide by rseebergolf includes 25 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more.

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