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The results are fully documented and verified.

Silver paper

How does electrolysis produce silver particles? What is colloidal silver? A solution of water containing nanometer sized particles of suspended silver.

Silver paper

The total silver content is divided into two forms of silver; ionic silver and silver particles. Ionic silver solutions are products whose silver content is predominantly in the form of silver ions.

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Silver protein based products use gelatin as an additive to keep large silver particles suspended that would otherwise fall to the bottom. True silver colloids are products that do not contain any protein or other additives and whose silver content is predominantly in the form of nanometer sized silver particles.

For a more detailed description of the three generic types of products labeled as colloidal silver, see the Product Reports page. Many companies sell colloidal silver generators and dozens of web sites provide information for experimenters and home hobbyists.

All the machines sold for making colloidal silver use an electrolysis process and make ionic silver. There are no machines sold that are capable of making true colloidal silver. Please do not email questions seeking advice on buying, selecting, using, or making this type of equipment, we cannot provide any help, sorry.

When those books were written no one had ever seen colloidal particles smaller than 1 nanometer because the technology to make such small particles did not exist at the time.

Today the technology exists that can produce sub-nanometer sized colloidal particles. The only such technology known to the author is the Mesoprocess developed at the Colloidal Science Laboratory, Inc. Ions are not considered colloidal particles contrary to what is claimed by some producers of ionic solutions.

Ronald Gibbs booklet states that high-quality Colloidal Silver is colorless, but the highest particle surface area colloid in the tabulations is dark in color, why this discrepancy? The material in Ron Gibbs book is slightly dated. Ron died in May and the book material was frozen about a year before.

For example, the samples that Ron tested, some of which were made for him in the Colloidal Science Lab. The methods developed at CSL to determine ionic vs.

Silver paper

Since true colloids of high particle concentration had not yet been developed when Ron wrote the booklet, all products of that time which displayed color were the result of large silver particles present in ionic solutions that were produced using electrolysis methods.

For a solution to display color while containing such a relatively small amount of particles requires that the particles be quite large typically - nm. True silver colloids that have a high percentage of the silver content in the form of nanometer sized particles will absorb visible light causing the apparent color to appear dark-amber or brown.

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Frequently Asked Questions. This FAQ will attempt to answer the questions that are commonly asked. Links to a page containing the Definition of Terms will be used as appropriate.. What is colloidal silver? Red River Paper premium photographic inkjet papers, ultrasound paper, ICC profiles, inkjet greeting cards.

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