Step stairs coursework

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Step stairs coursework

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For example the one shaded in red: I will start of in the bottom left hand corner and work myself to the right of the grid. Position The total for this stair is: Position Number Lowest number in grid TotalFrom looking at my results I can see that when I move the stair shape left by 1 column the total increases by 6 each time.

I am going to try to find a formula to explain the relationship between the position and the total. If you look at: And adding some more to itPosition Number Step stairs coursework number in grid TotalDifferenceBetween TotalsAs I mentioned above the difference between each stair total is 6.

This shows that 6n is somewhere in the formula. I will now see what relation 6n has to the stair totals. I will see what the difference between the total and 6n is to get the value of?: DifferenceYou have to add 44 to 6n to get the total of the stair.

This formula should work for obvious reasons. If you look at position 1 the biggest number is 21 and the smallest 1, meaning there is a difference of 20 between them. This will be the same anywhere on the grid.

Step stairs coursework

In the stair below there is a difference of 20 between 94 and This relationship between the numbers remains the same anywhere on the grid and that is why my formula works anywhere.

I will now extend my investigation further. I will now extend my investigation by posing this question.

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Since I already have results for three-step stairs I will begin my investigation with a four-step stair. A four-step stair on the grid will look like thisPosition 1The total for this stair is: I will use position 1 as an example.

Now I will try to find a formula that does apply to four steps. Since this time there is a difference of 10 between the totals I now times n by 10 in my equation.

I will see what 10n looks like compared to the totals. I will now test my new formula. I will now try five step stairs. Position 1The total for this stair is: Since the totals increase by 15 each time in my equation I will have to 15n.

When comparing 15n to the totals I find:After my post on my son’s first job, I reached out to a few friends to hear from them about their high school work timberdesignmag.comor Allison Fultz, a lawyer at Kaplan Kirsch Rockwell, wrote that she.

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Step stairs coursework

Step-Stair Investigation For my GCSE Maths coursework I was asked to investigate the relationship between the stair total and the position of the stair. For this piece of GCSE math’s coursework I have been asked to investigate the relationship between the total of a three-step stair on a number grid and it’s position on the grid.

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