The benefits arising from the construction of new trunk roads and motorways essay

There is something in the country which repels men. In the city alone can they nourish the juices of life. With a hundred million acres of arable and grazing land, with thousands of outcropping gold veins, with the finest forests in the world, fully half the white people live in towns, a quarter of all in one town, and this quarter pays more than half the taxes of all.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. For the purpose of this essay, I shall consider a benefit to be either the prevention or reduction in the number of negative externalities produced by trucks and cars sharing the same road and also the economic benefits felt by both households and firms.

The largest benefit arising is the reduction of congestion on normal roads.

The benefits arising from the construction of new trunk roads and motorways essay

This benefits normal road users, firms who use trunk roads and the government. Normal road users are able to get where they want to go faster because of less trucks on the road. This also means there is less starting and stopping on longer routes, and therefore less fuel is wasted.

This means road users have to refuel less often, and given the current rise in fuel prices, this makes driving less expensive. However, another benefit arising from this is a slight reduction in environmental damage: This is good for the environment because less emissions means less greenhouse gasses being emitted into the atmosphere, and this ultimately reduces the amount to global warming on Earth.

This is desirable such warming would cause damage to fragile ecosystems and will eventually drive many species to extinction. Further, such a construction project would make firms transportation far more efficient for the same reasons: This would raise the productivity of such firms, and therefore lower their costs of production.

This raise in productivity for firms using such transport routes would result in them being able to produce a higher final output as cost of production, including transportation of the materials, fall resulting in a rise in real GDP.

A rise in the output of an economy yields numerous important benefits, such as lower unemployment, a rise in the standard of living, greater business confidence and also the accelerator effect on capital investment contributing to long-term economic growth.

The benefits arising from the construction of new trunk roads and motorways essay

The government, and by extension the people within the economy, will also indirectly benefit from trunk roads, as roads become safer for car-owners. As there is less congestion on the roads, the spacing between cars will increase.

An example of this is European lorry-drivers who have left-hand drive Lorries. This means that they have a huge blind spot, in which many accidents occur- this issue is compounded by the fact that many international truckers work illegal hours, and are fatigued on the job, ultimately reducing their perception and alertness.

This makes accidents more likely. This benefits the government because it will decrease the burden placed on the NHS in addressing road accidents. The money saved in having to treat less people can be used in other ways, such as investing in education or promoting economic growth.

In conclusion, the reduction in congestion caused by the creation of trunk roads will reduce environmental damage, make the roads a safer place, reduce the burden on the NHS, and it will boost the productivity of firms, ultimately accommodating an increase in output.

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Ibec policy brief ISSUE 02 · 09/06/ More ambition needed for infrastructure Our primary road network, especially motorways, has improved enormously over the past 15 years.

Much of the spade work Trunk Roads and bypasses Motorway A Motorway extension B Road upgrade C Rail New line D. “Our total investment in our motorways and trunk roads has risen from £m in to £m in , an increase of per cent. As well as supporting new investment this shows we are committed to ensuring that the trunk road network remains safe, efficient and resilient, allowing effective movement of people, goods and services.

(a) Using a diagram, explain the benefits to users of a new road (15 mks) (b) Evaluate COBA as a means of appraising new motorways and trunk roads (20 mks) (a) Explain the role of private and public sectors in resource allocation (15 mks).

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