Writing a blog about nothing wale

It all began in with director Larry David and comedian Jerry Seinfeld. In fact, one of the main characters is based off of Larry David. The TV series is basically about nothing. Some of you might find yourself wondering how that could possibly be funny but bear with me.

Writing a blog about nothing wale

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writing a blog about nothing wale

If you posted an interview with someone like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, you would probably get a million hits. Is your great grandfather a war hero?

Did your grandmother meet the president or the queen of England? If you have a cooking blog, create some awesome new recipes and post them for other people to try.

Just make you try it yourself before recommending it to your followers.

writing a blog about nothing wale

For example, I wrote a fully comprehensive guide on how to start a blog. Teach people valuable skills around survival, repair, arts and crafts, whatever blog post idea strikes you. You can even sample the local cuisine or review your accommodations.

If the president made a bad decision, or a major corporation is in hot water, or heck, if a celebrity got a nose job, you should tell the world what you think of it.

Every opinion counts, and you can have your followers share too. It can be something simple and catchy, or one of those long ones that comes together in the end with a hilarious punchline. Find something relevant that has multiple approaches and see what people like the best. Is your dream to be air lifted above a giant blueberry pie and skydiving into it from a thousand feet up?

Tell us your wildest goals and dreams, and you never know, someone might be able to make it happen for you. Create posts about the times you really pulled through in a tough spot, and then tell us about the times you fell face first into the proverbial manure. These things define you, so share them with us.

Who is the milkman, really?

Want growth? Stay open to change – Blog Wale

Why are all grocery stores slightly different in their layout? Post your conspiracy theories about aliens, gerbils, paper clips, or whatever you think might be a cover for something far more sinister. You never know, you might be spot on. Just keep an eye out for mysterious black vans outside your house.

These things spread through sharing and word of mouth which is all done on the internet nowadays. For example, everybody in cartoons slips on banana peels, but would you really slip in real life?

Test it out, blog about it, prove those theories and myths wrong. Even if someone just comes by to bash you for no reason, why not have a laugh at their expense? Be sure to lay down some guidelines though, and review their topic and work before you post it though.

You can find some great bloggers out there to share their thoughts on your blog, so create a post inviting people to submit their ideas. You get more content, they get features. What is the true definition of a carbon footprint? Are we really here for a bigger purpose?

You can write a touching memorial for them and let their memory live on not just in your mind, but in the minds of everyone who reads your blog. When it comes to blogging, everyone is in it together.

Is this a scented candle I see? My, are those hand painted dishes of yours from IKEA? Pictures are great in general, but having them in a blog post about your stuff is a great way to show people who you are, and makes for some great blogging material. Or, make up something ridiculous and defend it to the last word of your post.I notice this when I write my blog, as opposed to when I write for the old media.

I take less time, worry less about polish, and care less about the consequences on my blog. That makes for more honest writing.

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Wale has released the third installment of his series of Seinfeld-inspired projects. The Album About Nothing presents a unique contrast between Jerry Seinfeld’s comical intro on each song and the slow, trap-influenced tones of the songs themselves.

Wale, DC'S GREAT RAP HOPE, has recently taken some time off from his day job of infuriating everyone to release some new music. More About Nothing is his retreat to the moment when the internet. Our Blog. Nothing To Watch? List Of Top TV Shows Of The Last Decade.

In: How to June 29th, Top 20 best TV shows of the last decade. This list of 20 phenomenal TV shows strengthens the belief that the Golden Years of Television still continue. 5 Blogging Tips that Have Nothing to do With Writing January 28, by Blogherald Blogger It may sound strange, but writing is only one aspect to maintaining a successful blog –– a big aspect –– no doubt, but in truth only one of many.

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